August 21, 2008

Odiogo Listen Button – WordPress Plugin- Succeeded!

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Odiogo Listen Button – WordPress Plugin- Succeeded!


KGLAW BlogCast server – it is still a penultimate version, but we verified that our new KGLAW BlogCast server works! Click the images below to jump!

  1. <– kgblogcast/

  2. <- test_kondo Link broken



August 9, 2008

WorldCALL2008 in Hakata, Kyushu, JAPAN.

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Possibilities of Web 2.0 Technology in Teaching EFL Writing:
Use of Groupware, Weblog and BlogCasting.
A paper read at WorldCALL 2008, Fukuoka International Congress Center.
[8/7 (Thu.) from 15:40 to 16:10, in Room 413]

  1. index_logo.jpg
  2. PPT in SWF embedded from the slideshare site:

  3. infoseek /WorldCALL2008.f/index-short.html
  4. PPT in SWF at slideboom

June 1, 2008


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Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing:
BlogCasting or Weblog based Text to Speech PodCasting.

A paper to be read at JALTCALL sig 2008, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Nagoya, JAPAN. May 31- June 1, 2008.


  1. PPT uploaded to another mirror site:
  2. PPT uploaded to another mirror site:
  3. PowerPoint files and WELL Portfolio Index of files WELL: Web Enhanced Language Learning – MYasuda
  4. JALT CALL sig 2008 
  5. (PPT) Developing CALL Theory: A New Frontier, Keynote Lecture, Dr. Phil Hubbard, Stanford University JALTCALL Conference, Nagoya: May 31, 2008


November 9, 2007

Did You Know? 2.0

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Did You Know? 2.0

KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧<– View videos at KGLAW-IT forum – in PHP

Karl Fisch and I[ Scott McLeod] are very pleased to announce the new version of Did You Know?

  1. Did You Know? 2.0
    • As you’ll see, we tried to minimize what some perceived as alarmism about globalism. We also fixed some errors, changed the music to something that didn’t violate copyright, and got a complete graphic makeover from XPLANE. Additionally, we added some material after ‘Shift Happens‘ to encourage viewer conversation and action.
  2. For more information, or to join the conversation, please visit
  4. MY Playlist at YouTube on “Did you know? 2.0”

November 3, 2007

Story telling with audio annotation: Voicethread – collaboration with audio

Voicethread – Collaboration with audio, Web 2.0 tools

  1. VoiceThread voicethreadlogo.jpg – Group conversations around images, docs and videos. Transform your presentations, projects and media into rich collaborative spaces.

  2.  – How to use VoiceThread at YouTube


October 5, 2007

RSS Feed Mixer – Project 2007

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Text2Speech using RSS feed or MS-Word macros

Since our Feed2Podcast  widgets are no longer working as thier domain server has been closed for unknown reasons, [feed2podcastbutton.jpg It is back again – Click here KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧to view widgets on PHP BBS site – Yes, up and running again as of 10/15/07!!] I have started to look for alternative tools and gadgets which would mix RSS Feeds to generate “text2speech podcast” or audio files online on weblogs. As of October 5th, I have test driven all of the following options at my home with much success, in lieu of ‘Feed2Post’ widgets. I have embeded some of RSS feeds on RSS readers.

  1. myasuda <– protopage [Public]
  2. Add this feed <– [Public] <– French designer
  3. Add this feed <– Register; Click HERE to browse [Private?]
  4. Add this feed <– Click HERE to browse iGoogle [Private]
  5. PageflakesLogo.jpgpageflakes.png Added 10/6/07-: [Public/Group] <- German designer

end of table 1 ————-


October 4, 2007

Berkeley Putting University Classes On YouTube

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Berkeley Putting University Classes On YouTube October 3rd, 2007

Berkeley On YouTube

  • The University of California, Berkeley, announced today that it is making entire course lectures and special events available, free of charge, on YouTube.
  • UC Berkeley is the first university to make videos of full courses available through YouTube. Visitors to the site can view more than 300 hours of videotaped courses and events. Topics range from bioengineering, to peace and conflict studies, to “Physics for Future Presidents”. (more…)

June 14, 2007

iTunes University

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Apple Rolls Out iTunes U 5/30/2007

Apple’s iTunes has just launched the iTunes University where anyone can access some great educational resources from American universities.


June 5, 2007

JALTCALL sig 2007

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JALTCALL SIG 2007, Waseda Univ., Tokyo.


 June 1-3, 2007

HTML Server index 目次

  1. WordPressBlogFieldTrip.jpg <– student’s Blog at Drive HQ, and Abstract of paper, June 3, 2007.,<–mirror infoseek site

  2. Top_Logo.gif Power Point slides in FLASH (swf) – JALT2007.ppt (short) at Drive Headquarters (Flash Point)

  3.   – Uploaded long & Short slideshow EXE files in “MySlideShows.f,”created by Irfanview IrfanView..

  4.  IrfanView (Google Search) IrfanView: PDS creates slideshows from mixed files:[jpg, png, AVI, etc.] in EXE or HTML, like ‘MS-Photostory’ but more handy & versatile!


May 27, 2007

Weblog Project RSS2FEED

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 Weblog Project – 2006, & 2007

zzzKGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧zzz PHP BBS php?t=83 


May 26, 2007

Slideshare – Share your PPT slides on the web

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  1.  <– Bravo! ついに、やはり、登場 a terrific Web 2.0 service! Have signed up to secure free space! SlideShare currently accepts PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and PDF files.

  2. (more…)

May 19, 2007

Text2Speech – SitePal

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  1. siteImage136.gif SitePal’s flexible audio recording capabilities allow you to add customized audio messages using a microphone, Text-to-Speech, telephone, file upload, or Professional Voice Talent. Whatever audio you choose, all animation occurs automatically. (more…)

May 18, 2007

RSS Feed Mixer

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  1. The Feed2Podcast engine instantly turns any RSS feed into a Podcast.
  2. Wanna test it? Hear what your Blog sounds like! Just enter its RSS FEED below:
  3. Entering this Blog’s feed UR in the frame on the above site, and behold is generated a widget where you can access this blog’s threads in audio. Awesome! (more…)

May 15, 2007

Video Podcasting –

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  1. vodpod widget – added on the right sidebar on this WordPress site,
  3.   my video collection at (more…)

May 10, 2007

Weblog Project – Crowdabout

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AdvComp Weblog Project 2007 Crowdabout

Crowdabout – podcast generated from another podcast via RSS feeds

  1. logo.jpg – crowdaboutでなにができるの?
  2. man3.gifMY SHOW – (more…)

May 3, 2007


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Now, you can have a robot read your blogs with RSS feeder!!  Check it out!

  1. See My vFruits<–click to browse registered Blogs

  2. VocalFruits / myasuda – tag: podcasting RSS WELL 2.0 Text2Speech [ 5/02/07 3:00 AM ]

    Click to browse in a new window

  3. xFruits / myasuda
    by myasuda – tag: Podcasting rss voice Blog [ 5/03/07 20:00 ]

    Click here to browse in a new window


April 25, 2007


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全国学力調査の問題と解答 4/24/07

Click items in cells to browse

国語A 問題 解答 出題の趣旨 分析
国語B 問題 解答 出題の趣旨
算数A 問題 解答 出題の趣旨 分析
算数B 問題 解答 出題の趣旨


April 5, 2007

PowerPoint – Cons

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PowerPoint – Pros and Cons: 「2007年04月05日 PowerPointを使ったプレゼンテーションは理解を妨げる」? やはり、小生の危惧が実験研究で裏付けられたようです。詳細は以下から。

  1. ウェブマガジン「ギガジン」関西学院大学経済学部の卒業生の管理するBlogでの紹介 (more…)

March 30, 2007

Google – Document and Spreadsheets – Web2.0

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Googleの新しい無料サービス:まさにWeb 2.0ツール

  1. Quia サイトで作成したウェブページを共有も可能。結果はここ–>zzz です。元のquia page サイトはここ –> です。
  2. HTMLプログラムの知識なしでも静止画などの共有閲覧サイト構築が可能。残念ながら、音声は目下、不可能!これができればPodCastingなどすぐに実施できます。 <– Click to browse still images -> <– at iGoogle site. (more…)

March 23, 2007

Tecnology advancement: A special touchscreen, text2speech

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  1. TouchKoが開発のタッチスクリーンには、センサーが搭載され、最高6インチ(約15cm)離れたところからでも操作可能
  2. 2001年3月8日 – old but … awesome text to speech technology  
    音声認蘣??フト大集合! <– Click to browse パソコンに“話しかけて”即解決!音声認識ソフト大集合!


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