June 9, 2014


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June 5, 2009


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Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing:

    A paper read on June 6, 2009. “Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing: Class Blogs with Text to Speech (BlogCast) for Oral Presentation and Process Writing,” JALTCALL 2009, Toyo Gakuen University, Hongo Campus, Tokyo, Japan: June 5-7, 2009.

   This paper reports on a three-year pilot field study on the use of ‘Weblog,’ and ‘BlogCasting’ (text to speech Podcasting) for oral presentation and grading papers in EFL writing classes at a Japanese University.  The paper discusses the potentials of Weblogs in EFL language teaching, and the usefulness of such Web 2.0 technologies as RSS (Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) and text to speech technology. …

  1.  campus–
  2. slideshare logo PPT in SWF embedded from the slideshare site: Embedded below

  3. temp SWF at infoseek

  4. Slidebroom ID in error or broken? slidebroom id – – [slideboom id=73242&w=425&h=370] –no plugin installed?, so will paste the links below:

    View more presentations or Upload your own.
  5. JALTCALL2009PPT in SWF at slideboom

October 5, 2007

RSS Feed Mixer – Project 2007

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Text2Speech using RSS feed or MS-Word macros

Since our Feed2Podcast  widgets are no longer working as thier domain server has been closed for unknown reasons, [feed2podcastbutton.jpg It is back again – Click here KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧to view widgets on PHP BBS site – Yes, up and running again as of 10/15/07!!] I have started to look for alternative tools and gadgets which would mix RSS Feeds to generate “text2speech podcast” or audio files online on weblogs. As of October 5th, I have test driven all of the following options at my home with much success, in lieu of ‘Feed2Post’ widgets. I have embeded some of RSS feeds on RSS readers.

  1. myasuda <– protopage [Public]
  2. Add this feed <– [Public] <– French designer
  3. Add this feed <– Register; Click HERE to browse [Private?]
  4. Add this feed <– Click HERE to browse iGoogle [Private]
  5. PageflakesLogo.jpgpageflakes.png Added 10/6/07-: [Public/Group] <- German designer

end of table 1 ————-


June 5, 2007

JALTCALL sig 2007

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JALTCALL SIG 2007, Waseda Univ., Tokyo.


 June 1-3, 2007

HTML Server index 目次

  1. WordPressBlogFieldTrip.jpg <– student’s Blog at Drive HQ, and Abstract of paper, June 3, 2007.,<–mirror infoseek site

  2. Top_Logo.gif Power Point slides in FLASH (swf) – JALT2007.ppt (short) at Drive Headquarters (Flash Point)

  3.   – Uploaded long & Short slideshow EXE files in “MySlideShows.f,”created by Irfanview IrfanView..

  4.  IrfanView (Google Search) IrfanView: PDS creates slideshows from mixed files:[jpg, png, AVI, etc.] in EXE or HTML, like ‘MS-Photostory’ but more handy & versatile!


May 27, 2007

Weblog Project RSS2FEED

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 Weblog Project – 2006, & 2007

zzzKGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧zzz PHP BBS php?t=83 


May 10, 2007

Weblog Project – Crowdabout

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AdvComp Weblog Project 2007 Crowdabout

Crowdabout – podcast generated from another podcast via RSS feeds

  1. logo.jpg – crowdaboutでなにができるの?
  2. man3.gifMY SHOW – (more…)

May 3, 2007


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Now, you can have a robot read your blogs with RSS feeder!!  Check it out!

  1. See My vFruits<–click to browse registered Blogs

  2. VocalFruits / myasuda – tag: podcasting RSS WELL 2.0 Text2Speech [ 5/02/07 3:00 AM ]

    Click to browse in a new window

  3. xFruits / myasuda
    by myasuda – tag: Podcasting rss voice Blog [ 5/03/07 20:00 ]

    Click here to browse in a new window


February 2, 2007


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Great News!! Another means of PodCasting,  with still pictures, video, etc. Splashcast

[splashcast UTFP8235QC]

  1.  Splashcastが提供する、摩擦のないウェブメディアプレイヤー
  2. TechCrunchでの英語解説の日本語サイトから抜粋引用
  3. Splashcast は旧称QMindで、 元々はウェブベースのeラーニング用コンテンツの製作ツールを構築する会社..「ポートランドの新会社Splashcast 社が開発したメディアパブリッシングツール…。 (more…)

January 27, 2007

slide shows

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  • 4.jpgClick to browse slides in a large new window

    My Slide Show - CALL Lab. at KGU

    My Slide Show – CALL Lab. at KGU
    4 Photo(s)

    My Slide Show - Podcasting

    My Slide Show – Podcasting
    31 Photo(s)

    My Slide Show - AdvComp Weblog Project

    My Slide Show - AdvComp Weblog Project

    21 Photo(s)

    See All Slide Shows
  • January 9, 2007

    RSS feed free services in Japan

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    Bloglines 日本語 無料  
    DELCO READER 日本語 無料  
    FEEDBRINGER 日本語 無料  
    garitto 日本語 無料  
    infoseek RSSリーダー 日本語 無料  
    livedoor Reader 日本語 無料  
    ドリコムRSS 日本語 無料  
    My Yahoo! RSSリーダーモジュール 日本語 無料  
    PAIPO READER 日本語 無料  
    PLAYON RSSリーダー 日本語 無料  
    WanaView 日本語 無料  


    1. ZDNETのreview site – PC parts:
    2. 次をコピーして上のサーバー(別名:鯖)に貼り付ける。クリック不可!
    3. WordPressのBlog siteのRSS addressは利用スキンによって異なるが、Blog sitesのサイドバーやフッターに記載されている。もし、見つからない場合には、Blog siteのアドレスの後ろに ‘/feed/’を付加すれば良い。commentsも然り。
    4. 元:
    5. RSS用:
    6. 元:コメント
    7. RSS用:コメント

    September 23, 2006

    @WORD ブログのレンタルサービス

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    @WORD(アットワード) 無料 ブャ?? レンタル サービス@WORDってなに?


    May 7, 2006

    Weblog Grading via RSS at Netvibes (RSS aggregator)

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    1. Slideshow at – A student’s Weblog and RSS reading via Netvibes

      ↓Click any part (text, images) ↓ to browse the slideshow

      1) student blog site posted at BBS 5.jpg

      2) student blog at WordPress 4.jpg 3) student text on Netvibes via RSS 3.jpg

      4) Comment on student’s blog at WordPress 6.jpg 5) Comment text on Netvibes via RSS 7.jpg

      Slideshow at ↑Click any part above ↑to browse the slideshow

    1. 4.jpg Click and browse in large size: 2) student blog at WordPress

    2. 3.jpg Click and browse in large size: 3) student text on Netvibes via RSS

    1. Slideshow at Yahoo!フォト

    2. HTML Server


    Blog at