October 5, 2007

RSS Feed Mixer – Project 2007

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Text2Speech using RSS feed or MS-Word macros

Since our Feed2Podcast  widgets are no longer working as thier domain server has been closed for unknown reasons, [feed2podcastbutton.jpg It is back again – Click here KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧to view widgets on PHP BBS site – Yes, up and running again as of 10/15/07!!] I have started to look for alternative tools and gadgets which would mix RSS Feeds to generate “text2speech podcast” or audio files online on weblogs. As of October 5th, I have test driven all of the following options at my home with much success, in lieu of ‘Feed2Post’ widgets. I have embeded some of RSS feeds on RSS readers.

  1. myasuda <– protopage [Public]
  2. Add this feed <– [Public] <– French designer
  3. Add this feed <– Register; Click HERE to browse [Private?]
  4. Add this feed <– Click HERE to browse iGoogle [Private]
  5. PageflakesLogo.jpgpageflakes.png Added 10/6/07-: [Public/Group] <- German designer

end of table 1 ————-

—– table 2

Alternative options – for students

  1. To make the best use of ‘SPEAK!‘ which is installed in KG Law Dept.’s CALL lab this fall, 2007.

  2. To use a special MS-Word macro file that reads texts with text2speech engine using robot voice installed on local PCs. – <–> To download click here –> text2speech enable macro embedded MS-Word.doc to download (Wordspeaker.doc, you would need to lower ‘security’ level for macros in MS-Word, before opening this macro embedded doc to generate audio via text2speech.)
  3. To install “TextAloud” plugin for IE or Firefox browser – but it rquires an SE support in CALL lab. As this is a shareware multiple installation has to be scheduled. Google search?q=textaloud<-click
  4. To use “Natural Reader” extension for IE or Firefox – but it requires an SE support in CALL lab. As this is a shareware multiple installation has to be scheduled. Google search? q=natural+reader<–Click
  5. To register at to get RSS feeds and audio player on the weblogs. <— to register and listen to demos

end of table 2 ————-

——–table 3

Memos on earlier pprojects and conference presentations

  1. ケャ?グ | VOICE BLOG PORTAL - Podcasting対応/声によるウェブャ?? - <–two students’ weblog threads downloaded as MP3 audio.

  2. To browse “Feed2Podcast – widgets” – no longer working as of 10/03/07:KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧<– but functioning until the end of Sept. ’07(?)

  3. man3.gif<–Index of prentations at JALT CALL sig, including Weblog Assisted Grading Project for an EFL Writing Class – where I introduced ‘Feed2Podcast’ setup for the first time in Japan(?), at JALTCALL 2007, June 3, 2007, Tokyo, Waseda Univ.

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  1. Found a free text to speech utility for MS-WORD, as of Feb. 8th, 2010.

    Comment by advcomp — February 19, 2010 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

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