May 18, 2007

RSS Feed Mixer

Filed under: Podcasting — advcompkg @ 3:45 am
  1. The Feed2Podcast engine instantly turns any RSS feed into a Podcast.
  2. Wanna test it? Hear what your Blog sounds like! Just enter its RSS FEED below:
  3. Entering this Blog’s feed UR in the frame on the above site, and behold is generated a widget where you can access this blog’s threads in audio. Awesome!


  1. <–You can registger this XML, that is, an RSS feed, on your favorite RSS feeder.
  2. OR, try listening to audio by clicking HERE –> Get this widget!
  3. this site’s feed
  4. SpringWidgets- a widget engine for the desktop and the web<–You can further edit generated xml in the widget:<–Click …a widget engine for the desktop or the web Get this widget! <-Click
  5. Widget codes in HTML are posted at another PHP site, KGLAW-IT forum - myasuda フォーラム一覧 (KGLAW-IT forum – myasuda), where you can listen to the threads, or jump back to this site. You can paste codes in some Blog sites (MySpace, etc.) Have fun.
  6. banner_88_31.gif Memos at my VoiceBlog site


  1. Journal articles Outline Project 宿題メモ 5/25/07 メールで送信済みですが。

    Comment by advcomp — May 26, 2007 @ 1:12 am | Reply

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