September 23, 2006

Software – Outline Processors, Writing, Note-taking

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Software Enhances Student Note-Taking

A new writing and creativity tool called IdeaWeaver makes the age-old practice of taking notes in class easier than ever before. Using Logical Expressions Inc.’s IdeaWeaver, students can quickly enter ideas and key concepts during a lecture, and then return later to develop their notes by associating and cross-referencing them using topics and categories. Students can also organize their ideas into an outline, which then can be exported into a format readable by most word processors. IdeaWeaver runs on Windows computers as a standalone application. Pricing: $49.95; educational discounts are available… Read more

Vantage Learning Releases Comprehensive Online Writing Tool

Vantage Learning has released MY Access! 7.0, the newest version of the company’s innovative online instructional writing tool. The upgraded MY Access! 7.0 includes enhancements designed to make the program even easier to navigate and to use in a variety of instructional settings. It also features new programs to help students prepare for the SAT and other standardized writing tests. Additionally, MY Access! 7.0 gives educators the most accurate picture of students’ progress and offers additional ways to customize MY Access! to their students’ reading and writing levels. Pricing varies… Read more

Book Examines IT Education

Idea Group Inc. is releasing a new book in October titled Integrating Information & Communications Technologies Into the Classroom, edited by Professor Lawrence Tomei (Robert Morris University), which examines topics critical to business, computer science, and information technology education. Teachers, educational researchers, and scholars are offered chapters filled with practical applications of research, practice, and thought-provoking stances on many of the key issues associated with teaching and learning in today’s classroom environment. These chapters cover a range of instructional technology topics in specific educational areas such as business, computer science, information systems, distance learning, and communications education, as well as the more general area of teaching and learning with technology. Pricing: $85.46 for the hard cover; $71.96 for the soft cover; $63.96 as an e-book… Read more

  1. I have posted a few threads on ‘Ouline processors,’ at other BBS or wiki pages: 窓の杜Logo
  2. Yahoo eGroupsサイト- -「登録と参加」完了後 認証必要
  4. PDS software – outline processors:
    1. PukiWiki
    2. Inspiration – Free download for 60 days for Windows and Macintosh
      Link to Home Page  
      Inspiration Info InspireData Info Kidspiration Info New Developments Free Trial
      Curriculum Integration Professional Development Visual Learning No Child Left Behind Tech Support Order Now

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