April 30, 2006

World Bridges Webcast

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avatar_11.jpgWorld Bridges Webcastwebcast.jpg

     I first came across this site by browsing one of TESOL conference sites as I missed attending conventions for almost a decade.  TESOL professionals were talking over the net on ‘Skype’ for over 4 hours. Then I learned of frappr, BubbleShare (for photocast) and Myspace (for slideshows), only recently.  Well, ‘Webcast’ is an online forum where students can connect to others interested in improving their English language skills and become more aware of other cultures by connecting and communicating with other English language learners during these webcasts. I do not know when the forum is running and how to connect to the site yet, but here is a nifty slideshow for Webcast.  追記:I did manage to access live webcast at:, from where you can access Webcast Academy:, and others.  You can certaily enjoy listening to authentic podcasting programs in English delivered by professional TESOLers or Podcasting Pros.

     I do not know whether WordPress allows HTML tags for slides, images, and videos.  A little test indicates ‘Not possible.’  Since I have not learned how to embed HTML tags, please click the image below to browse slideshows:webcast.jpg, or click the following URL:

  As for use of weblog use in ESL/EFL, you can search on your own how TESOLers are weblogging:

     One good classroom weblog is “Weblogs Used as Components of ESL/EFL Classes.”

  • Our Class 2006
    This blog for an English class of adult migrants in Sydney, Australia is run by Rosa. There are quizzes, competitions, students’ own texts, students’ recipes, photos and a lot more. Check out
    Our Class 2005 as well.

By pasting part of the web page above, WordPress handles hyperlinkage and font, plus indentation, too.

Technology news: 

  1. Something sensational is going on with ‘Second Life Project’ online.  Soon it will arrrive in Japan, to attract virtual world manias.
  2. Try your listening skills with really authentic Podcasting programs on twit75.jpe‘This week in Tech’:
  3. Or, go straight to its audio player page : dick.gif(<–Click) programs last over an hour, so you can do something else while listening! Join the club of ながら族!
  4. You can listen to twit75.jpeTWIT at AOL music podcast site, too.
  5. AOL – movies -Robin William talk on ‘RV’– You know by now what an ‘RV?’is?

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